"Leeanne is a well informed and highly connected public relations executive who takes a practical and commercial approach to issues and opportunities facing today’s business executives. Her extensive media background gives her a unique understanding of how best to guide a client through the advantages of a comprehensive pro-active public relations program and to effectively respond to and manage negative media issues.

Importantly Leanne treats her clients like partners and takes an active interest in helping guide them with their brand positioning and managing their key stakeholder relationships”

“I have known Leeanne Bland for much of her 25 plus years working in the financial services media. In her more recent roles in media relations, built on her journalism expertise, Leeanne has been exceptional. Her work with media at the annual PortfolioConstructionForum Conference has helped us achieve excellent coverage for our program and faculty across a range of media.

The combination of Leeanne’s experience as a finance journalist, a marketer, and a media and public relations consultant means that she brings a unique perspective, integrity, maturity and expertise to the table which, combined with her extensive media connections, means that Leeanne delivers valuable outcomes”

"I have used the services of Pritchitt Partners over the past seven years and through two separate companies. I came back to Claudia after changing employers simply because I know no better media consultancy.

For the last two years with my previous company, we scored top and equal top outcomes in independent market research* conducted with journalists in the print media, consistently outranking all the major asset managers despite having fewer resources.

Claudia's services pay for themselves many times over in terms of access to and visibility with the media. I have found Pritchitt Partners to be an invaluable partner in media relations and issues management advice. Claudia's knowledge and understanding of the financial services market is top-notch and her assistance with source and writing/editing media content has been outstanding."

* "Invisible Government - A Benchmark Study of the Australian Financial Services Print Media" conducted by Brandmanagement.

senior financial services marketing professional

"Claudia runs a highly successful operation at Pritchitt Partners where building relationships is the name of the game. By holding media lunches on behalf of clients throughout the year, Claudia builds relationships between her clients and journalists so they are always top of mind when it comes to seeking talent.

I believe this public relations model is far more effective than endless press releases and congratulate Claudia and Pritchitt Partners on their vision."

"I have worked with Claudia Pritchitt for the best part of seven years. Over this time I have heavily relied on her support and counsel in good and bad times and she has never missed a beat! She has helped us develop approaches that we would not otherwise have considered.

Although Claudia is an external consultant, she is considered very much a part of our business and is held with very high regard by the media spokespersons within AUI and our six joint venture partners."

Head of marketing and communications

"Pritchitt Partners stands out by encouraging regular contact between the client and media to foster relationships and trust in rapidly changing business environments."

"Working with Leeanne Bland has proven to be an enormous assistance in raising the profile of Triple3 Partners and its approach, from the time we first launched our fund.  We have worked with other PR consultancies in the past but Pritchitt Partners is head and shoulders above the rest.

Leeanne’s strong relationships with the media has put us in front of some of the leading journalists in the industry, and she has helped us to tell our story effectively and concisely to them.  At all times, she is professional, helpful and knowledgable"

chief executive officer

"We have been working with Pritchitt Partners for many years on our PR and communications activities and including our quarterly newsletter.

Claudia has an excellent understanding of our business and a keen sense for things that we do that may be of interest to journalists.  She is an accomplished communicator and helps us to get the message across in a clear manner.

We are regularly put in contact with Claudia’s network of journalists, enabling us to develop a connection directly with them.

This approach works extremely well for us in terms of media coverage and reputation."

Head of wealth management

"The Pritchitt Partners lunches, held throughout the year, stand head and shoulders above any other investment and business roundtable offered by others and are a highlight of my year.

Bringing together fund managers, analysts and journalists from across the industry, it has always been a great way to catch up with colleagues over good food and wine, and discuss current events from business and the global economy to currencies and politics. I always walk away with a handful of ideas for stories and some great new contacts.

The team at Pritchitt Partners are always quick to help me out when I need to speak to one of their investment clients, putting me in contact with key people in the finance world that can speak to my questions and ideas. They make my job much easier."