ASX mFund settlement service gains traction: Equity Trustees

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June 20, 2014
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Equity Trustees is starting to see traction in transactions on the mFund Settlement Service, with applications for PIMCO and Armytage Private Funds being made through Baillieu Holst recently, says Mr Harvey Kalman, Equity Trustees’ Head of Corporate Fiduciary & Financial Services.

The mFund Settlement Service is an ASX initiative that allows investors to buy and sell units in selected unlisted managed funds (mFunds) through a process similar to investing in shares.  These funds can be bought and sold through an ASX stockbroker online, in person or through a financial adviser who uses a stockbroking service on their behalf.

“Equity Trustees has successfully received applications on the mFund platform and looks forward to continued support for the service from brokers and investment managers alike,” Mr Kalman says.

Baillieu Holst Director of Institutional Sales, Mr Alex Hay, says as a foundation member of the mFund Settlement Service, the firm has now made a number of applications via the service and is pleased with the progress.

“Our clients like the convenience of tracking their managed fund investments using the same systems they use for shares and other securities, and the service has been well received,” Mr Hay says.

Equity Trustees was the first foundation member of the service and, together with its investment manager partners, EQT Asset Management, PIMCO, LaSalle and SG Hiscock & Company, offers a diversified range of funds through the service for retail investors.

Equity Trustees also acts as a Product Issuer Settlement Participant and was accredited by the ASX in May 2014.

There are 14 Funds available on the mFund Settlement Service from Equity Trustees and its investment partner managers, providing investors with access to all asset classes with the exception of international equities, which will be available soon.

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