Australian Unity Trustees appoints head of philanthropy

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March 31, 2017
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Australian Unity Trustees has appointed Caroline Whitby to the newly-created position of national manager – philanthropy.

In the role, Ms Whitby will be responsible for all the business’s philanthropic activities including managing relationships with trustees, working with not-for-profit organisations, overseeing grant programs, and handling the legislative and regulatory requirements.

She has over sixteen years experience within the financial services industry, including managing philanthropic programs at Perpetual Trustees and Trust Company.  Ms Whitby has a degree in sociology and legal studies from La Trobe University.

Ms Whitby is based in Melbourne and will report to Emma Sakellaris, general manager of Australian Unity Trustees.

Ms Sakellaris said that philanthropy will be an extremely important part of the business.

“The two main areas of focus for Australian Unity Trustees are philanthropy and estate planning, and Caroline’s appointment means we now have the expertise in place to lead and grow this side of the business.

“Our aim is to make philanthropy more accessible for all Australians, allowing them to develop long-term charitable approaches that make a real difference to the community.

“A structured and effective philanthropic legacy enables our clients to give back to the community and to support charitable projects and initiatives, now and into perpetuity, and not just through ad-hoc donations,” Ms Sakellaris said.

Australian Unity Trustees was established earlier this year to provide a range of trustee services to all Australians including: estate planning; executor appointments and estate administration; financial attorney; financial and legal administration; and the establishment and management of personal, native title, community and charitable trusts. It is the first traditional trustee financial services licence issued since the establishment of a national licensing framework for traditional trustee activities.