EQT SGH Wholesale Property Income Fund rated “Outstanding” by SQM

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October 8, 2015
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SQM Research (SQM) has maintained its rating for the EQT SGH Wholesale Property Income Fund of ‘Outstanding – 4.5 stars’. The rating remains unchanged from the previous rating awarded in October 2014.                                                                                                                                                           

An ‘Outstanding’ rating from SQM is reserved for those funds that are highly suitable for inclusion on Approved Product Lists (APLs).  

“The rating awarded is on the back of an experienced and well-resourced team, a consistent and well-structured investment process and an ownership structure which embeds performance alignment between the investment team and investors,” SQM wrote in its rating report.

“The investment team’s strong research association and joint venture arrangement with LaSalle Investment Management is a key advantage of the Fund.  This affiliation provides the team with access to a wide range of resources – particularly research detailing domestic and global property securities markets.” 

Steve Hiscock Managing Director of SG Hiscock and Portfolio Manager for the Fund said the rating comes at an opportune time for investors. 

“The sector has recently experienced a pullback which now means the sector and the Fund are looking attractively valued.” 

Eliza Weaving, General Manager of Distribution Partners (Funds Management), at Equity Trustees, said the rating recognises the Fund’s consistent and repeatable investment process.

“The Fund primarily invests in ASX listed Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts (A-REITs). It focuses on a diverse range of quality property securities that typically have lower gearing and higher yields than the index, and where the majority of their earnings coming from rental income.” 

 “The Fund’s defensive positioning should bode well in the current volatile economic climate.”

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