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September 11, 2020
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MEDIA RELEASE: Lonsec Investment Solutions has added the GQG Partners Global Equity Fund to its Lonsec Multi-Asset Managed Portfolios and Lonsec Core Model Portfolios. 

Laird Abernethy, GQG Partners’ managing director Australia and New Zealand, says that over the past 12 months GQG Partners has been actively expanding in the local wholesale market and the addition to the Lonsec model portfolios is an important step in this growth. 

“Our Global Equity strategy aims to give advisers access to a portfolio of high-quality companies with attractively priced future growth prospects. It also seeks to limit downside risk while providing attractive returns to long-term investors over a full market cycle. This is something that advisers and their clients increasingly value, and we are already seeing good support through the Lonsec portfolios,” he said. 

In the current economic and market environment, Lonsec says it believes that the global equities sector would benefit from a greater focus on higher quality companies. 

“The GQG Partners Global Equity Fund is an actively managed, fundamental long-only Global Equities product. It has a focus on ‘quality growth’ companies and will typically include emerging markets exposures,” Lonsec said in a note to advisers. 

Lonsec also noted “The strategy is managed by a well-regarded and highly skilled portfolio manager, Rajiv Jain, with a track record of building successful investment businesses.” 

Earlier this year, Lonsec rated the GQG Partners Global Equity Fund “Highly Recommended”, stating that “Jain is a highly experienced investor with over 26 years’ industry experience and is viewed as a key attraction of this offering. . . . Lonsec has continued to develop greater conviction in Jain’s abilities across several reviews and believes he has proven himself to be a highly skilled investor”.