Quay launches retail global real estate fund

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February 9, 2016
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February 11, 2016

Quay Global Investors has released a retail version of its successful wholesale fund, the Quay Global Real Estate Fund, which has delivered an annualised return of 27.1% since inception* (as at 31 January 2016). 

Quay is a boutique investment manager focused on the preservation and creation of wealth through real estate securities.  It was launched in 2015 as a partnership with principals Justin Blaess and Chris Bedingfield, and Bennelong Funds Management, which provides back-office support and distribution. Prior to this, the business operated as Quay Real Estate Advisors which was founded by Justin and Chris in 2013.

Chris Bedingfield, Quay portfolio manager and principal, said that the success of the wholesale fund meant that releasing a retail version of the fund was a logical step.

“In discussions with advisers, we were aware that there was growing demand for our fund amongst retail investors, so we made the decision to launch a retail fund to meet that demand,” said Chris. 

“We believe real estate is well positioned to deliver attractive after-inflation returns, and our fund seeks to deliver a real increase in investors’ purchasing power over time. Rather than get distracted by short-term real estate price changes due to ‘noise’, we focus on total returns, not relative returns, and invest through cycles with the addition of select counter-cyclical opportunities as they arise.

“Our view is that listed real estate can offer investors competitive risk adjusted returns – as long as you can hold through cycle.” 

The Quay Global Real Estate Fund invests in a number of global listed real estate companies, groups and funds. It aims to generate a real total return of at least 5% above CPI p.a. over five or more years, before fees and costs.

The investment strategy is indifferent to the constraints of any index benchmarks and is relatively concentrated in its number of investments. However, it is sufficiently diversified to ensure the portfolio is not overly correlated to a single entity, specific sector, industry or macro economic risk. 

* since inception (31 July 2014)