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January 9, 2012
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Ratings house Zenith Investment Partners has awarded the Australian Unity Wingate Global Equity Fund a ‘recommended’ rating.

In its report, Zenith says that: “The Fund is an attractive offering and can offer value for investors that are looking for international equities exposure that includes a combination of capital gains and income through the use of derivatives.

“The Manager’s investment process and its approach to security selection is thorough and robust. Zenith agrees with Wingate’s innovative approach to minimise losses in weak markets and to compound gains in strong markets.

“Zenith likes the idea that income is used as a buffer against market downturns to protect the portfolio while targeting consistently positive returns in most market environments.”

Mr Chad Padowitz, Wingate’s chief investment officer, said despite further volatility expected in global markets throughout 2012, the fund is well-placed to continue delivering consistent out-performance for investors.

“We expect that 2012 will continue to be a challenging year for investment markets, as deleveraging continues around the developed world, and emerging markets such as China start to slow down.

“It seems increasingly likely the Eurozone will go through some form of restructure, and this will provide good opportunities for investment,” Mr Padowitz said.

Wingate Asset Management is a joint venture between Australian Unity Investments and Melbourne-based Wingate Group. It is a boutique international equities fund manager with a large-company, value-based investment philosophy. Its investment process seeks to combine long-term capital growth with continual income generation.

Wingate’s approach is to invest in a concentrated portfolio of high-quality companies from around the world.


For more information please contact:

Mr Chad Padowitz – Phone: 03 9913 0700

*Zenith Investment Partners Pty Ltd (Zenith) is the holder of AFSL No. 226872. The Zenith rating does not take into consideration personal circumstances, objectives or needs and should not be relied on in isolation – please refer to the full research (available from the Issuer) for important assumptions, warnings and risks. the rating expires the expires the earlier of 31 December 2012 or any material changes to the Fund. For further information see

11 January 2012