Philip Galagher, senior financial services marketing professional

Graham Rich, managing partner and publisher, Portfolio Construction Forum
September 7, 2017

“I have used the services of Pritchitt Partners over the past seven years and through two separate companies. I came back to Claudia after changing employers simply because I know no better media consultancy.


For the last two years with my previous company, we scored top and equal top outcomes in independent market research* conducted with journalists in the print media, consistently outranking all the major asset managers despite having fewer resources.


Claudia’s services pay for themselves many times over in terms of access to and visibility with the media. I have found Pritchitt Partners to be an invaluable partner in media relations and issues management advice. Claudia’s knowledge and understanding of the financial services market is top-notch and her assistance with source and writing/editing media content has been outstanding.”


* “Invisible Government – A Benchmark Study of the Australian Financial Services Print Media” conducted by Brandmanagement.