Jane Hume: Where is superannuation going in 2021?

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December 16, 2020
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December 17, 2020

MEDIA RELEASE: It will be a case of third time lucky when, pandemic permitting, Pritchitt Partners host their 14th annual New Year reception in Sydney on 28 January with Senator Jane Hume, assistant minister for superannuation, financial services and financial technology, as guest of honour.

Senator Hume had previously agreed to address the consultancy’s annual New Financial Year function in Melbourne in July 2020 which had to be postponed until November because of the pandemic, then postponed again.

“So much has changed during 2020, not least of all in the financial services area.  This makes Senator Hume’s presentation particularly timely,” said Claudia Pritchitt, partner of Pritchitt Partners.

“In superannuation alone, the year saw initiatives such as draw-downs with early release superannuation, release of the government’s Retirement Review, the virus’ impact on superannuation savings and income, ongoing dispute over the proposed increase in the super guarantee charge, and new legislation.

“We are very grateful that Senator Hume stayed with her original commitment to us and continued to support our efforts to get our reception happening again as soon as it was safe to do so.” 

Leeanne Bland, also a partner of Pritchitt Partners. added that it will be the 14th reception organised by Pritchitt Partners for the financial services industry, and it will also be used by its principals to relaunch the consultancy, announcing a new name and other initiatives.

“Pandemic conditions made it extremely difficult for financial services organisations’ communications and business development during 2020 – not least people who started new jobs during the lockdown and only met their team for the first time after several months in the role.

“We believe 2021 will see a re-energised financial services environment as organisations seek to re-establish and enhance their brands, products and services after the pandemic lockdown,” Ms Bland said.