Wingate Global Equity Fund added to Macquarie Wrap

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August 11, 2016
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August 12, 2016

The Wingate Global Equity Fund – Wholesale Units has been added to the Macquarie Wrap platform, providing investors with exposure to the growth of global markets while limiting risk.

The Fund is managed by boutique international equities manager Wingate Asset Management, an investment firm with over a decade of experience in running global equity portfolios. The Fund invests in high quality companies from around the world that are rigorously evaluated to ensure investment conviction.  Wingate uses a unique option-based implementation process that has generated 7-9% p.a*. in income. Through its differentiated investment process the Fund aims to produce consistent positive superior long-term returns while reducing downside risk.

The Fund is compelling for investors looking to gain a diversified approach to international investing that offers reduced downside risk, a smoother return profile and a compelling yield.

Chad Padowitz, Wingate’s chief investment officer, said that in a global environment of falling interest rates, investors continue to seek income but at the same time are concerned about taking on risk. 

“The Fund offers investors an option that limits downside risk while ensuring they don’t miss out on the market’s upside. 

“At the same time, we seek to provide stable income that is less affected by market volatility than other global equities funds. 

“We incorporate an assessment of risk at multiple stages of the investment process, enabling us to take advantage of long term investment opportunities during periods of short term irrational market behavior,” Mr Padowitz said.



Wingate Asset Management is a boutique international equities fund manager that invests in a concentrated portfolio of high quality companies from around the world, diversified across sectors and geographies. It was formed by a joint venture between Australian Unity Investments and Wingate Group in 2008.

A value manager, Wingate seeks to pay less than intrinsic value for stocks and invests in companies with high cash flows, strong balance sheets and typically large market capitalisations.

Wingate’s flagship fund, the Wingate Global Equity Fund, utilises an innovative implementation approach that enhances returns and creates a buffer against losses. The benefits of this approach are equity upside with less downside risk, lower volatility of returns and income generation.


For further information please contact:

Chad Padowitz
Chief Investment Officer Wingate Asset Management
Phone: 03 9913 0704